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Pediatric Oncology Handbook

The John Weston Group creative agency was commissioned by the Urtica for Children Foundation to coordinate the publishing of Pediatric Oncology Handbook, a first-of-its-kind comprehensive compendium designed to support parents and caregivers of children suffering from cancer in the course of oncological treatment.

The book is a collection of 90 fun activities, portrayed in a visually appealing way, arranged according to target age group and furnished with commentary describing their therapeutic potential. The Polish Ombudsman for Children was elected as the publication’s Honorary Patron. While the Urtica for Children Foundation was officially established in 2017, the charitable outreach program was first set up by Urtica, a market leader in the pharmaceutical distribution field, twenty-five years ago to advocate on behalf of cancer-stricken children and adolescents and their families. The Foundation operates a number of initiatives established earlier by Urtica unders its “Urtica for Children” CSR program, supporting and managing health-, education- and charity-oriented outreach efforts. At present, the Foundation provides support to as many as eighteen pediatric oncology and hematology wards across Poland.