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Bank Millennium - Our People'23: Save the Planet

John Weston Group has advised Bank Millennium on the strategic storytelling of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project. Our team prepared the concept for a campaign promoting the campaign "Our People'23: Save the Planet."

The initiative, implemented by the Bank Millennium Foundation, insipires the bank's employees to protect the planet through sports. With the Activy app, the team accumulated points for physical activity. The points were converted into real financial value. The funds collected will be used for activities that reduce the level of carbon dioxide (CO₂) in the atmosphere.

The results of our cooperation are impressive. In just 2 months, as many as 1,500 Bank Millennium Group employees joined the campaign. In total, they covered a distance of 131,000 km on foot and 180,000 km on bicycle. As a result, they burned 18 million kcal and saved 71 t CO₂. Employees raised a total of 250 thousand zlotys for the eco-volunteer program implemented by the Bank Millennium Foundation.