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Technological revolution in the luxury goods logistics industry- Magic Movers

The John Weston Group team developed UX/UI and implemented a web application that guides both customers and company employees through the order fulfillment process, from the moment of placing it, through individual pricing, to delivery of the item to its destination.

Software house John Weston Group has made a technological revolution in the luxury goods logistics industry in cooperation with Magic Movers - a pioneering brand that deals with the transport of e.g. antiques, designer furniture, paintings and sculptures in Europe and the USA. He developed UX/UI and implemented a web application, thanks to which the costs of order processing and delivery time were reduced, which allowed for a significant increase in the company's turnover. Automatic invoicing for one or many orders and transferring orders to an external application operated by the logistics department significantly improves the order handling process and reduces the risk of errors. In addition, the possibility of automated transfer of orders from the online store directly to the Platform via the API interface gives a great advantage, which makes business partners willing to cooperate with Magic Movers.