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Advising Skanska on the storytelling of its ESG strategy

As part of the project, we created a film that became a communication tool for a diverse group of recipients. Our goal was to reach Skanska's customers - both current and potential tenants and buyers of buildings. We wanted to influence a wider audience interested in the real estate market and local authorities and regulators.

Our activities focused on telling a fascinating story that expresses Skanska's deep commitment to the environment, social responsibility and business management. The project presented Skanska's special approach to ESG - although this term is relatively new, the company has been operating in accordance with its values ​​for decades. Sustainable development is an integral part of Skanska's mission and activity, setting the direction for all activities. We wanted to make the recipients aware and show how this strategy allows Skanska to create places that promote the health and well-being of users, while supporting the environment and minimizing the carbon footprint at every stage of office building construction.